The FQM: A Source of Constant Support for the Duration of Your Career 

Do you want to have your prior training recognized? Do you require advice on marketing and business management? Want to learn more about the eClaims service with Telus Health?  The FQM team is available to give you personalized support and to help you develop a thriving career. Here are a just few of the services and products offered by the FQM… and this is just the tip of the iceberg!

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The FQM: The Most Credible Massage Therapy Association in Québec

On the strength of its leadership and reputation, the FQM has paved the way when it comes to making safe and quality massage therapy available to Quebecers. Of all the massage therapy associations, the FQM is the only one that:

  • Offers the designations “certified massage therapist” and “certified kinesitherapist”.
  • Is certified ISO 9001: 2015, which demonstrates to clients, employers and authorities the commitment, on the part of certified massage therapists, to offer quality care.
  • Is constituted in the manner of a professional order, with a trustee, a disciplinary committee and a professional inspection committee, which guarantees that your clients will benefit from an exemplary massage therapy practice.
  • Has acted on its social commitment by creating the Fondation de la massothérapie, which promotes your recognition as a health professional and creates job openings in hospitals, Integrated University Health and Social Services Centres (CIUSSS) and Integrated Health and Social Services Centres (CISSS).
  • Offers a network of accredited schools and its own Institut de formation (Training institute), which lets you acquire more in-depth knowledge of massage therapy and health, and develop your competencies in relation to employability.

The FQM: The Leader in the Professionalization of Massage Therapy in Québec

Become a member of the FQM and earn recognition as a true health professional

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