Of all the massage therapy associations in Québec, the FQM is the only one that: 

Further benefits

  • 50% discount on professional insurance
  • High rate of placement with employers: multidisciplinary clinics, spas, residential and long-term care centres (CHSLD), etc.
  • Client files, health questionnaires and  insurance receipts provided *free of charge*  in electronic and paper format
  • Multi-resource member portal
  • Rigorous articles popularized and made available free of charge in the magazine Le Massager
  • Discount on training courses offered at the Institut de formation en massothérapie du Québec (IFMQ), and training capsules available free of charge on the member portal
  • Strong Facebook community, notably via the Ma FQM Facebook group, where members always find support and mutual assistance.

Resources offered free of charge to help you develop your business.



The Fondation de la massothérapie, a continuing commitment to the promotion of wellness

Created in 2010, our foundation has offered more than 40,000 massages adapted to seniors in residential and long-term care centres (CHSLD), people with cancer, a mental health disorder or chronic pain, victims of conjugal violence, etc. Drawing on its numerous partnerships (FQC, AQDC, Arthritis Society Canada, Montreal Heart Institute, CHSLD, hospitals, etc.), the Fondation de la massothérapie is a driving force behind efforts ensure the recognition of certified massage therapists, and it helps open the job market across the health sector in Québec.

The FQM provides financial support to the Fondation as well as its own fundraising activities, including the benefit dinner. The most recent edition of this event drew close to 200 guests, allowing the FQM to raise a total of $61,508 in donations.

The IFMQ plays a key role in the professionalization of massage therapy.

Founded in 2018, the Institut de formation en massothérapie du Québec (IFMQ) allows members to further develop their competencies through specialized training activities, offered as a complement to training provided in accredited partner schools. IFMQ earnings are remitted to the Fondation de la massothérapie. Visit the IFMQ website to view the upcoming training activities.


Become a member of the FQM and earn recognition as a true health professional.

If you have any questions or for further information:

  • 1-800-363-9609