As an FQM member, our team is there to support you in your practice, especially if you have questions about the supervision process put in place by the FQM.

At any time, if you have questions about inspections or the code of ethics, you can contact our member services, at 1 800 363-9609, ext. 228 or by e-mail at

She will be able to put you in touch with the person in charge of inspections, Sébastien Forgues, or our trustee, M David Petranic.


Each year, a committee of FQM professional inspection advisors inspects 200 of our members, chosen at random from across Quebec. The objective is to ensure compliance with norms, standards and regulations concerning not only safety, ethics and practice, but also files, receipts and office conduct.

The committee’s role is primarily to help you achieve excellence in your practice. If one of the advisors finds a few shortcomings that need to be corrected, he or she will give you the tools to do so within a certain period of time, failing which sanctions could be applied, on the recommendation of the FQM trustee. But rest assured: to date, all annual inspection reports indicate that the vast majority of our members comply with the standards and regulations in force and with the FQM’s code of ethics.

You will find more details on this subject in our brochures: Everything you always wanted to know about professional inspection, intended for our members; and Professional inspection: to protect the public, intended for employers.

You can download and consult the FQM Regulation on professional inspection.