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Johanne Labelle, certified massage therapist:

“When I introduce myself to my clients for the first time, […] I always say that I am a certified massage therapist for the FQM. Automatically, people are reassured, because the FQM is the most recognized. “


Michaël Harvey, certified massage therapist

“I consider it to be the only association that works to put order into the profession.”


Jeanie Rahal, certified massage therapist

“The massage therapists affiliated with the FQM have been trained in recognized schools and benefit from better supervision. In addition, these therapists offer a good approach ‘en relation d’aide’? , which is why we consider them to be exemplary professionals. It seems that they come from the FQM.”


Georges Tremblay, certified massage therapist

“When you are a member of the FQM, you are well surrounded and the training you receive is supervised and recognized. I am proud to be a member.”


Alexandre Trudeau, certified massage therapist

“It’s a Federation that is very involved, that is present on social media, that gives back to its specialists as well as to the community and its clients. It proves that massage therapy is a serious discipline based on scientific data and research. For me, this is a sign of quality and professionalism.”


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