Becoming a member of the FQM is a simple and quick procedure, in two steps: first, you must meet the admission requirements; then you must complete the opening of your file by providing all the necessary documents, by paying the opening and subscription fees.

Here are all the documents you need to become a member of the FQM : 

If you wish to speed up the process – for example, because you will start a new job soon – when you have not yet received the details of your class hours, you can have your accredited school complete a training confirmation letter completed:

For help, do not hesitate to contact us at 514-597-0505 or 1 800-363-9609.

For student members – You can now join the FQM by completing the online membership form of your Member Portal.

If you wish to attend in person at our offices, be sure to arrive before 4 pm with all the necessary documents on hand.

If you graduated from a school not accredited by the FQM, please contact our accredited training advisor at 514 597-0505  ext: 226 or by email at .

If you have studied abroad or in another Canadian province, please take note of the membership procedures for massage therapy graduates from outside Quebec.