Massothérapeutes diplômés hors Québec

If you studied in another province or abroad

Even if you were trained abroad or in a Canadian province other than Québec, you can still become a member of the FQM. However, you must first obtain recognition of your training equivalency.

To find out which documents are required to create a file, please download the form entitled Membership Registration Procedure for Massage Therapists Who Complete Their Training Outside of Québec. The form explains the steps involved and the potential outcomes subsequent to the review of your file.

Opening and processing your file takes a little longer than it would for graduates from an FQM-accredited school, but we will be pleased to guide you throughout the process.

Should you encounter any difficulties or require further information, please contact our accreditation advisor, at 514-597-0505 or 1 800-363-9609 or by email at

Note that no results will be shared by telephone; you will be notified by email once your file has been reviewed.

If you prefer to come to our offices, please arrive before 4 p.m. and make sure you have the required documents.