The FQM has set up a program for the recognition of prior learning in massage therapy that follows the same principles and procedures as those of educational institutions recognized by the Minister of Education. It should also be noted that all training equivalencies are analysed according to the Quebec Model of Massage Therapy.

Training equivalencies in the health field

The FQM manages an equivalency process for training in complementary health. By complementary health courses, we mean those taken in the following fields: nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, acupuncture, kinesiology, sports therapy, physical education, psychology, social work, sexology, chiropractic, etc. This equivalency program is designed to recognize knowledge acquired at the college and university levels. We will also analyze applications in osteopathy and naturopathy.

A maximum of 150 hours of equivalency training

This 150-hour block of training will be added to the hours already credited to your file.

Recognition of skills developed through professional experience

Have you taken part in a work placement, tutoring or other form of professional support? Do you have several years of experience in the field? Have you completed a relevant qualification course? These days, learning can take many forms and it is possible, as an FQM member, to benefit from the recognition of your experiential learning. Explanations on how to proceed can be provided if you write to or call at 1 800 363-9609.


How to apply for recognition of prior learning?

Send the training certificates issued by the institution (school, CEGEP, university, etc.) and the details of the hours completed to An analysis of your file will then be made according to the FQM’s competency framework. In general, training equivalencies are completed within 24 hours. We will contact you if further information is required.