Designed to meet the needs of certified massage therapists, the training capsules are presented online during “LIVE” events on the FQM Facebook page.

Stay tuned for our upcoming capsules! You’ll get a chance to follow short training sessions that can be useful for your massage therapy practice. The capsules you complete will be recognized in your training file, under the block of complementary training options referred to in the Modèle québécois de la massothérapie (Québec massage therapy model – in French). Please visit the reserved section to view rebroadcasts of the capsules.

Excerpt: Better understanding lumbar pain in massage therapy 

Instructor: Annie Jubinville (certified sports massage therapist (ACMS) and physical rehabilitation therapist)

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Excerpt: Understanding lower back pain when lumbar facet joints are overloaded

Instructor: Sébastien Forgues (certified kinesitherapist)

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Excerpt: How poor posture can give rise to or maintain a pathology

Instructor: Anne-Marie Trancoso (physiotherapist and instructor at the attitude massothérapie school in Québec)

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Except: Plantar fasciitis: Pathology and treatment using therapeutic cups

Instructor: Francis Letourneau (acupuncture graduate, athlete and trainer) 

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Excerpt: Sensory modulation to treat pain

Instructor: Isabelle Bujold (certified massage therapist)

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