Each year, members of the FQM’s professional inspection committee conduct inspections targeting more than 200 members, randomly chosen from across Québec. The objective is to ensure compliance with norms, standards, and regulations governing safety, ethical conduct and best practices, as well as record-keeping, receipts and the keeping of consultation rooms.

The committee’s primary role is to help members comply by giving them advice and tools, and carry out the proper follow-up. Depending on the shortcomings reported, the member is given a certain period to apply corrective measures, without which a sanction may be incurred, on the recommendation of the FQM syndic.

To date, all the annual inspection reports indicate that the vast majority of certified massage therapists comply with the regulations in force and the FQM code of ethics.

You can download and view our professional inspection regulation.


Chair of the professional inspection committee :


 Sébastien Forgues