Le statut de membre étudiant

Each year, the FQM’s Professional Inspections Manager inspects approximately 200 of our randomly selected members across Quebec. The objective is to ensure compliance with norms, standards, and regulations governing safety, ethical conduct and best practices, as well as record-keeping, receipts and the keeping of consultation rooms.


The role of the inspection manager is above all to help members comply by giving them advice and tools, and carry out the proper follow-up. Depending on the shortcomings reported, the member is given a certain period to apply corrective measures, without which a sanction may be incurred, on the recommendation of the FQM trustee.

The person in charge of inspections should be considered by the member as a guide, a resource and even a trainer of the FQM Code of Ethics and General Regulations.


Since January 2021, professional inspections at the FQM have been carried out online from the Member Portal. The transition of the inspection process to an online formula is inspired by the professional inspection mechanisms in force in the various professional orders.

Inspected members will be asked to complete a questionnaire adapted to their type of practice (e.g., private, clinic, event-based, spa, hospital, etc.). They will also need to ensure that they can provide, in digital format, the various documents relating to the professional inspection (e.g., health questionnaires) required in the questionnaire. The member should allow no more than two hours to complete the inspection.

The procedure to follow for an online professional inspection is sent to the member by e-mail, as soon as the inspection notice is received.

Once the process has been completed, validated and passed, the person in charge of professional inspections issues the member with an “Attestation of compliance with professional inspection regulations”.

You can download and consult our Professional Inspection Regulations.


You can the inspections manager at inspection@fqm.qc.ca or 1 800 363-9609.