Protecting the public is an integral part of the FQM’s mission. For that reason, we have created a syndic and established an exhaustive disciplinary procedure clients can resort to if they consider that their massage therapist (providing that he or she is a member of the FQM) has failed to respect them or engaged in conduct that was unprofessional, or if the quality of the massage they received was inadequate. In such cases, clients are asked to report to our syndic. For complete details on the syndic’s role and responsibilities, please view the following video (in French only):

How to file a complaint

  1. Before filing a complaint, first check whether your massage therapist is a member of our Fédération, as we can only investigate and issue sanctions when our own members are concerned.
  2. If required, please see our code of ethics to facilitate your assessment of how the massage therapist may have breached his or her duties and obligations.
  3. Download and complete the three-part investigation request form:
    • Questions on the conduct of the massage therapy session
    • Identification of the article(s) in the code of ethics that the massage therapist is alleged to have breached
    • Detailed description of the event
  4. Once the alleged breach is reported and submitted, the investigation and follow-up process is initiated: According to the syndic’s action plan, the massage therapist may receive a form entitled Version of the respondent, which includes a questionnaire that he or she is required to complete. In order to allow the massage therapist to tell his or her version of the facts, we must share your name and the reasons for your complaint with him or her, but rest assured that the massage therapist will be prohibited from contacting your after he or she receives the document.
  5. Upon receipt of the Version of the respondent, the syndic will review the situation. The syndic is vested with all the powers to investigate and verify the allegations levelled and disposes of all the tools necessary to properly lead the investigation to a successful conclusion.
  6. The syndic will contact both parties upon completing the investigation and, based on the nature of the complaint, he or she may undertake mediation between the two parties.
  7. If the investigation confirms the breach of our code of ethics with supporting evidence, the syndic can file a complaint with the disciplinary committee, which will decide on the disciplinary sanction to impose upon the massage therapist at fault.

For further information, please contact: Esq. Florence Bossé, syndic