New requirements from Great-West concerning reimbursements for massage therapy


Montreal, April 16, 2019


Dear members and students,

On January 31, 2019, Great-West sent a letter to the FQM citing the new eligibility criteria for massage therapists in Québec, effective January 1, 2020 for group insurance plans covering massage therapy.

In its letter, Great-West states that it will consider “authorized massage therapists in Québec only practitioners who have completed at least 1,000 hours of professional training in massage therapy and who are members in good standing of an association recognized by Great-West.”

Negotiations with Great-West

We fully understand Great West’s need to raise the trainig requirements and the desire to promote the professional status of massage therapists in Québec. However, in order to ensure that the new requirements do not have a detrimental impact on massage therapists and the quality and safety of care offered to the public, the FQM will continue its negotiations with Great-West and keep you informed of developments on this file. Note that Great-West in 2016 held a 9.3% market share in the personal insurance sector.

If you have any questions, please contact our members services advisor at Palmyra Di Tillio at 514 597-0505 (toll free 1 800 369-9609), extension 228 or at

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