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Patrick Bontemps

6845 rue de Honfleur
Trois-Rivières, G9C 1L1

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Caroline Gaudet

7110 rue Marion
Trois-Rivières, G9A 0A7

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Dominique Beauchemin

5288 Boul. des Chenaux
Trois-Rivières, G8Y 6G2
819 699-4239

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Daniel Asselin

3870, rue de Chateaufort
Trois-Rivières, G8Y 2A9

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Josée Robitaille

4870 Rue des Forges
Trois-Rivières, G8Y 1W9

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Johanne Sarra-Bournet

21 rue Brunelle
Trois-Rivières, G8T 5Z4

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Rita Houle

5-5350 St-Joseph
Trois-Rivières, G8Z 4K9

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Daniel Gaucher

5720 Laflamme
Trois-Rivières, g8y 6y7

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Johanne Martel

6165 rue Corbeil
Trois-Rivières, G8Z 4P8

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Micheline Bibeau

2177 P.V. Ayotte
Trois-Rivières, G8Y0E8
450 758 0430

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Sylvain Perron

3150 rue Houde
Trois-Rivières, G8Z 1R9

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Dominique Nault

770 boulevard des Ricollets
Trois-Rivières, G8Z 3W2

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Karine Brouillette

473 Gélinas
Trois-Rivières, G8T 7E4

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Francine Gelinas

C.P. 500
Trois-Rivières, G9A 5H7

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Marie-Pierre Comtois

855, rue des Ruisseaux
Trois-Rivières, G8Y 1J5

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Contact information for massage therapists will only be shared if they authorize the FQM to do so.

If the massage therapist you are looking for does not appear in the search results, please contact us at 514-597-0505 or toll free at 1-800-363-9609.

Please note that the information published (other than the basic and complementary techniques) corresponds to the information transmitted to the Fédération québécoise des massothérapeutes (FQM) by its members. Members are responsible for ensuring that the information is valid. Click on the name of the certified massage therapist in the search results to access further information about him or her (e.g. email, website, etc.)

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