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Violetta Beausejour

7250 55e avenue
Laval, H7R 4E1

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Jeanie Rahal

1575 Boulevard de l'avenir
Laval, H7S 2N5

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Nancy Beauchesne

3095 Autoroute Laval Ouest
Laval, H7P 4W5

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Priscilla Larose

3526, Boul. Dagenais O
Laval, H7P 1V7

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Nancy Dermo

5035 Boulevard des Laurentides
Laval, H7K 2J7

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Francine Ouellette

1865 Saint-Gilles
Laval, H7M 3G3

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Isabelle Gervais

205 boulevard Curé Labelle, suite 102
Laval, H7L 2Z9

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Karina Leconte

1714; Boulevard des Laurentides
Laval, H1M 2P4

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Josée Leroux

334 Antoine-Plamondon
Laval, H7L5K7

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Chantal Despard

20 Croissant Pasteur
Laval, H7K 1B6

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Véronique Riverin

2075 Boul. Chomedey
Laval, H7T 0G5

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Myriam Boudrias

724, 77e Avenue
Laval, H7V 4A8

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Louise-Anne Papineau

1695 boul. Laval local 300
Laval, H7S 2M2
450 975-8533

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Tommasina Falvo

3078 Dagenais Ouest
Laval, H7P 1T5

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Nathalie Lemay

3095 Aut. Jean-Noël Lavoie (440)
Laval, H7P 4W5

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Karen Borrmann

3095 Aut. Jean-Noël-Lavoie (440), bureau #315
Laval, H7P 4W5

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Patricia Boisvert

1125 Rue Pierre-Quenneville
Laval, H7L 5N9

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Contact information for massage therapists will only be shared if they authorize the FQM to do so.

If the massage therapist you are looking for does not appear in the search results, please contact us at 514-597-0505 or toll free at 1-800-363-9609.

Please note that the information published (other than the basic and complementary techniques) corresponds to the information transmitted to the Fédération québécoise des massothérapeutes (FQM) by its members. Members are responsible for ensuring that the information is valid. Click on the name of the certified massage therapist in the search results to access further information about him or her (e.g. email, website, etc.)

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