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Mireille Lafleur

10 rue brodeur
Gatineau, J8Y 2P4

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Michèle Larrivée

760 boul des Hautes Plaines
Gatineau, J8Z 3N3

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Natalie Tomaro

79, rue de la Brise
Gatineau, J9A 3C5

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Cécile Bourque

555 boul. de l'Hôpital
Gatineau, J8V 3T4

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Marlon Francisco Cordoba Eguis

885 Boul. de la carrière, suite 200
Gatineau, J8Y 6S6

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Nadine Séguin

1751 St-Louis,suite 200
Gatineau, J8T 4H2

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Meriem Makraz

225 rue des hautes rives
Gatineau, J9H 7B8

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Isabelle Boucher

733 boul. St-Joseph
Gatineau, J8Y 4B6

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Gisèle Knight

40 Hormidas-Dupuis
Gatineau, J9A 1E5

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Daniel Larrivée

122 Caron
Gatineau, J8Y 1Z4

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Danielle Tousignant

47 Moussette
Gatineau, J8Y 5J7

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Mario Paul

760 boul. des Hautes-Plaines, local 102
Gatineau, J8Z 3N3

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Franceline Michaud

32, rue Principale
Gatineau, J9H 3L1

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Line Bouchard

221, ch. Freeman
Gatineau, J8Z 2A8

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Marcela Victoria Aquino Ortiz

885 Boulevard de la Carrière
Gatineau, J8Y 6S6

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Monique Bourassa

149 boul. St-René OUest
Gatineau, J8P 2V5

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Odette Tremblay

15 rue du Barry
Gatineau, J8T5Y6
819 210 4952

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Marie Lecavalier

617, Avenue de Buckingham
Gatineau, J8L 2H4

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Contact information for massage therapists will only be shared if they authorize the FQM to do so.

If the massage therapist you are looking for does not appear in the search results, please contact us at 514-597-0505 or toll free at 1-800-363-9609.

Please note that the information published (other than the basic and complementary techniques) corresponds to the information transmitted to the Fédération québécoise des massothérapeutes (FQM) by its members. Members are responsible for ensuring that the information is valid. Click on the name of the certified massage therapist in the search results to access further information about him or her (e.g. email, website, etc.)

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