Many members have shared their concerns, in recent months, with regard to insurance companies requiring that they have 1,000 training hours for their massage therapy services to be reimbursed.

Concerning members who wish to meet the required 1,000 training hours, we understand that the current situation limits their options in terms of training establishments and geographical zones served. In an effort to ensure openness, we have made various changes to address these concerns, without losing track of our objective of professionalizing the occupation and ensuring the continued development of competencies.

Please note that applications for recognition of additional hours must be justified based on the three training profile modules developed by the FQM and in accordance with the applicable standards in other Canadian provinces. It is incumbent upon massage therapists to demonstrate the relevance and seriousness of training completed outside of accredited schools.

EXISTING PROCEDURES for increasing training hours:

  • Update your file or send your proof of training completed in accredited schools to
  • Complete further training in accredited schools, since these training activities are designed to be consistent with the three training profiles aimed at adding to your competencies as a massage therapist.
  • Remember that massage therapists trained in a non-accredited school can benefit from support and a promotion when they change their association and become members of the FQM.

NEW PROCEDURES for increasing training hours (up to 700 potential hours of equivalency training):

  • Since 2018, the FQM has recognized training in complementary health. We are now increasing the limit to 400 hours of equivalency training. These training activities include nursing care, physiotherapy, physiotherapy techniques, occupational therapy, acupuncture, kinesiology, sports therapy, physical education, psychology, social work, sexology, chiropractic, etc. The equivalency program aims to recognize prior training at the college and university levels. We will also review applications related to osteopathy and naturopathy. Please send your proof of training for recognition of training hours in complementary health to We will be able to determine the number of hours that will be recognized in your member file.


  • Since 2019, the FQM has recognized professional experience, including training at non-accredited schools. We are now increasing the limit of potentially recognized hours to 300. In regards to the process of recognizing prior experience, please note that we have adopted the same principles and conditions in place in teaching institutions recognized by the Québec ministries responsible for education. Please write to us at if you have any questions or to create your file for training completed in non-accredited schools. We will be able to determine the number of hours that will be recognized in your member file.


**Concerning the review of your file, please allow for a maximum period of two months (or generally sooner) to determine the specific number of hours that will be recognized and the consistency with the three training profile modules. The FQM team thanks you for your patience, and remember that summary information could be shared with you within a shorter period, if required. We are doing everything in our power to ensure that applications are processed effectively and rigorously.


The FQM is aware that the recognition of training hours is an important issue for its members. For that reason, we have improved the recognition process in place, based on the best practices of Québec ministries responsible for education and the practices in force in other large Canadian provinces.

Please write to us at