Cristian Octavian Ganea

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Cristian Octavian Ganea

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19D Rue de la Gare,
Saint-Sauveur, JOR 1R0

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Massage au domicile des clients?


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    Deep tissue Swedish massage, Myofascial release technique, Sports massage, Taping, Shockwave, Dry Needling.

    Kinesiology, coaching and university teaching background, over 15 years experience in working with athletes from ATP, WTA, NHL, WLPGA, IronMan, Ultraman, also specializing in pre and post surgery therapy.

    Individual care plan explained and recommended to the client in a collaborative team setup for resolving the cause of pain and not the symptoms in order to achieve a “healthy mind in a healthy body” and to improve quality of life and personal performance.




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