Brandon Beer

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Brandon Beer

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Acupuncture West Island


15000 boul. Pierrefonds Suite 201, Pierrefonds, H9H 4G2

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    Brandon Beer holds a certificate in Sports Marketing from Champlain St. Lambert CEGEP, which led him into the professional sports industry. He provided real-time statistics and analytics to various broadcasters and leagues, such as the National Hockey League. Working long hours under constant pressure, he became burnt out and took a leave of absence. One of the biggest contributors to his recovery was Massage Therapy.


    After experiencing first hand the impact massage can have, Brandon pursued a new career path, in order to help others. Brandon is a Registered Massage Therapist and part of the Federation des massotherapeutes du Quebec. He is trained in the practices of Swedish Massage as well as Chair Massage from the Ikra School of Massage Therapy in Verdun, Quebec. He has plans to further his knowledge of additional techniques in the aim of offering his clients a wider variety of personalized treatments.


    At present, Brandon specializes in relaxation massages, particularly to help relieve those experiencing insomnia, depression and anxiety.

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