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Web visibility

A place of choice on our website !

The FQM regularly fields calls from members of the public looking to find a certified massage therapist in their region.

For this reason, we’re offering a free referral service through our website, one that lets consumers consult your training profile and specify the city in which you work.

Considering that a strong proportion of Quebecers use the Internet to find a health professional or health-related information, the FQM is innovating by creating a PREMIUM profile!

Free for all FQM members, you’ll benefit from a professional page on the FQM website with more complete details than on the basic referral page. This profile may be purchased through the online boutique in the FQM members’ section.

The PREMIUM profile lets you:

  • Add a photograph;
  • Specify your schedule and rates;
  • Add a personal description or any other information relevant to your practice (e.g. techniques, specialities);
  • Attach your CV (in PDF - .doc - .odt formats);
  • Display your business address on Google Maps, with no other addresses shown.

The FQM is also investing in mobile technology to further promote its members: Our team is working hard to create an iPhone application that will allow consumers to find a certified massage therapist in a timely manner using geopositioning. The application will also include a quiz intended to raise public awareness about the many benefits of massage therapy and its spheres of activity. FQM members who own an iPhone will also be able to quickly access the members’ section. Stay tuned for further details.