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The establishment of the training profile at the FQM (important dates)

1993-1995: The absence of a definition of massage therapy gives rise to inconsistencies related to competencies developed in training schools.

1995: An official definition of massage therapy is produced in collaboration with the AEMQ (association des écoles en massothérapie du Québec). (Quebec association of massage therapy schools)

1996: A review of the profession is completed in collaboration with UQAM and the AEMQ.

1998-1999: The FQM secures financial support from Emploi-Québec to carry out research related to a training profile in massage therapy.

1999: A report on the training profile requirements is produced.

2000: A training program featuring six modules is developed.

2000: A UQAM professor presents a development model for competency-based training programs, marking the start of the APC at the FQM.

2000: The FQM and the AEMQ validate the objectives and content of Level 1 training in massage therapy.

2001: A broad-based consultation is carried out with 40 experts with the objective of defining modules 2 and 5 of the FQM training profile (Levels 1 and 2).

2002: The FQM holds extensive discussions with accredited schools with the objective of implementing the training program.

2003: The FQM provides support and follow-up to the schools implementing the program.

2005: The FQM officially launches the training program in the accredited schools.

2006: Difficulties with training accreditation are encountered.

2007: Negotiations are held with accredited schools to set out the terms of the Entente relative à l’accréditation. (Accreditation agreement)

2008-2010: Implementation of the quality training system in massage therapy:

  • Course outline
  • Qualification of teachers
  • Surveys with students, professors and employers
  • Recognition of prior training
  • Research and development (documentary research, labs, mentorship)
  • Teacher-training (the MATTC).