Registration procedure

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Becoming a FQM member is a simple and quick procedure.

This happens in three steps:
1. Meet the admission standards
2. Complete the registration file by providing all necessary documents and pay the registration and membership fees (see PDF: )

We provide you with all the documents you need to become a member of FQM.
• Registration’s form:
• Solemn affirmation: (bilingual)

In case of you need to become a member promptly and even if you did not receive the details of the courses, your FQM accredited school could fill a confirmation letter of completed study for you:

(Download this PDF and have your school fill it for you)

This letter will certify the success of your examination pass and will allow us to treat your membership demand. Nevertheless the confirmation letter of completed study will not replace the required final attestation with the details of the courses. You absolutely have to send it to us whenever you will receive it.

For more information, please contact Chantal Houle au 514-597-0505 extension 242 or 1-800-363-9609 or email.