Mission, vision

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The mission of the Fédération québécoise des massothérapeutes is to ensure that massage therapists are qualified and supported in their professional practise, and to inform and protect the public.

To implement this mission, the Fédération has set itself the following goals:

  • Guarantee the professional competency of massage therapists;
  • Offer massage therapists the resources they need to carry out their profession;
  • Promote the benefits of massage therapy to the public;
  • Protect the public by attesting to a massage therapist’s compliance with disciplinary measures.

To carry out its mission, the Fédération has taken the following priority measures:

  • Established high educational standards: training profile, competency assessment, continuing training and research;
  • Maintains continuous visibility through information campaigns and promotional tools;
  • Adopted a code of ethics, a discipline committee and a professional inspection committee, all of which conform to professional quality standards;
  • Provides education about the profession to political, legal and professional bodies;
  • Offers professional services.

The Fédération’s mission is informed by the following values:

  • Integrity without compromise;
  • Respect of the individual, as client, employee, partner, member and volunteer;
  • Transparency in terms of our actions and responsibilities: members have total access to information concerning the Federation’s administrative and decision-making process;
  • A holistic vision for understanding and perceiving a situation;
  • Valuing volunteer work because the Fédération would not exist without the daily involvement of board members, regular members and volunteers.

“The vision of the Fédération québécoise des massothéreapeutes is to professionalize the practice of massage therapy in Québec.”

  • Professionalization means that massage therapy must be recognized as a therapeutic practice within the health profession. Relaxation is one aspect of the profession, but it is not necessarily its ultimate or sole purpose.
  • Professional therapeutic massage encompasses three principal approaches: biomechanical, energetic and neuromuscular techniques. These approaches affect the human body in different ways but they bring about similar results. Massage therapy is an inclusive discipline: the Fédération’s membership includes massage therapists who employ a variety of approaches and schools of techniques, all of them therapeutic.
  • Professional recognition is achieved through training that conforms to recognized educational standards. We believe that the term “therapist” should be associated with rigorous basic training equivalent to that of other health professionals. Massage therapy schools are the Fédération’s partners in achieving this vision.
  • Professionalization demands that the profession be strictly supervised. We operate on the principle that massage therapists should be accountable, first to their clients, and then to their peers.
  • Achievement of professional status requires recognition by political authorities, the public, massage therapists themselves and health professionals. This recognition can take many forms and the Fédération is dedicated to pursuing it on an ongoing basis.