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Message from the spokesperson

Lending health a strong hand...

That’s the signature of the Fondation québécoise de la massothérapie FQM, and that’s the reason I’ve made a personal commitment to serve as spokesperson for this cause.

Cancer is the leading cause of death in Quebec. Unfortunately, almost one person in two will suffer from cancer in the course of his or her life. Cancer causes its fair share of suffering and distress, both physically and psychologically. That’s why we must adopt every possible means to relieve the pain associated with the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. In this regard, massage therapy is an established approach proven to significantly improve the quality of life of persons with cancer.

By exerting physiological and psychological effects, massage therapy reduces the severity of symptoms associated with the disease, including pain, fatigue, nausea, anxiety and depression.

The Fondation québécoise de la massothérapie FQM has joined forces with the Fondation québécoise du cancer to offer thousands of massages to persons with cancer. Certified massage therapists have a vital role to play in this ongoing battle by contributing positively to the well-being of thousands of people living with the disease. Despair, isolation and a feeling of powerlessness and incomprehension are among the disease’s many effects on the individual. Above and beyond the benefits of massage therapy, certified massage therapists offer the kind of nurturing care and support these people sorely need.

Please join me in lending health a strong hand by making a donation to the Fondation québécoise de la massothérapie FQM.

Richard Béliveau

Doctor of Biochemistry