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Under the umbrella of the FQM’s training accreditation service, the Mutual Assistance and Teacher-Training Community (MATTC) aims to establish a large-scale network of contacts in accredited schools throughout the province with the objective of supporting teaching practices in massage therapy. The MATTC has a mandate to bring together teachers from FQM-accredited schools, particularly those who contribute to the development and evaluation of competencies in massage therapy.

The MATTC is a means of networking in the tradition of communities of learning and practice. It was set up to promote exchanges between teachers in a rewarding, instructive, cooperative, creative and stimulating environment.

The MATTC works to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Support the development of competencies among teachers;
  2. Facilitate the production, distribution and transfer of teaching tools;
  3. Promote and carry out projects in collaboration with various practice environments in massage therapy;
  4. Reward success and the work achieved by trainers.

The MATTC is not:

  • An interest group intended to pressure the FQM and accredited schools;
  • An instrument for the promotion and sale of products and services.

Conditions for admission to the MATTC

  • Must teach in an FQM-accredited school;
  • Must be motivated;
  • Must have a positive and constructive attitude.

Other considerations

  • Participation is voluntary;
  • Services are free. However, travel charges may be considered, given that some activities may be held in regions.

The MATTC offers the following activities geared to teachers:

  1. Theme workshops

Jean-François Bouchard gives workshops on various themes as part of theoretical and practical training days. Themes include course outlines and the development of competencies, the evaluation of competencies, and course management.

  1. Cooperative workshops

Cooperative workshops will be offered to teachers in an effort to promote peer-based learning. Thus, those who have specific teaching competencies can share their expertise as part of a roundtable hosted by Jean-François Bouchard.

  1. Email communications

Throughout the year, the FQM’s training accreditation service issues various communications related to teaching and training quality.

  1. Surveys and consultations

Information is gathered with the goal of identifying problems and offering clear and informed solutions.

5. Development and participation in innovative collaborative projetcs