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Why hire a certified massage therapist?

Because massage therapy is not regulated in Quebec — in contrast to other provinces such as Ontario —, any individual can claim to be a massage therapist without having the necessary competence or the proper professional supervision.

Why are FQM-certified massage therapists the best in the field?

To compensate for this the absence of regulation, the FQM has established an ambitious and rigorous quality system guaranteeing that certified massage therapists benefit from the highest training standards. This quality system allows students to consolidate knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills. Please consult the training profile for details on the teaching credentials of our members.

Given the lack of clarity surrounding massage therapy and its portrayal in the media, people in the general public are taking it upon themselves to get informed, and they aren’t afraid to demand quality services. Because certified FQM massage therapists are bound by a code of ethics and subject to disciplinary measures should they fail to comply, they enjoy an excellent reputation with employers, the public, insurers and stakeholders in the health tourism industry. More and more employers are hiring only FQM members.

The quality process

Ongoing activities

The FQM is the sole accreditation body for massage therapy training in Quebec. In concrete terms, this means that all programs and course outlines in FQM-accredited schools have been reviewed to ensure that they meet competency-based training requirements developed by the FQM in the early 2000s. We also check teachers CVs to make sure they have the required teaching credentials.

Coaching: certification of competencies is a central part of the admission process leading to FQM membership. Coaching: certfication of competencies allows the FQM to ensure public protection and validate basic techniques in massage therapy. Insurers also request coaching as a condition for issuing receipts. New members have four months to pass the coaching: certification of competencies session, as do members who add a second or third massage technique to their file. The coaching: certification of competencies is aimed at validating:

- knowledge (theoretical knowledge of massage therapy)
- know-how (practical knowledge, including basic massage techniques)
- interpersonal skills (attitude and conduct with clients)

With the collaboration of employers, the FQM recently implemented a continuous information system whereby 360-degree data is collected from students, employers, members and teachers with the goal of identifying and addressing problems related to massage therapy training in accredited schools. In this way, the FQM is able to give schools the feedback they need to improve their services and ensure that graduates obtain the tools they need to succeed as practicing massage therapists.

Job billboard

A job billboard is available through the FQM Member section website, in the section reserved for members. Every week, employers contact the Fédération looking for qualified massage therapists. For just $10 per ad (posted bi-monthly), owners of spas, fitness centres and multidisciplinary clinics can post an ad on the FQM job billboard. For details, please contact the receptionist at 1800 363-9609 or 514 597-0505, extension 0.

Why choose a certified massage therapist?

Entrepreneurs have a vested interest in recruiting professionals who’re able to deliver quality massage care.

The FQM is recognized for holding its members to the highest standards of professional and ethical competency. That’s why more and more employers are hiring only certified massage therapists — they know the title has value!