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A career in massage therapy (TO BE MODIFIED)

At the FQM, we believe that touch is special form of contact with another human being. As well as relieve musculoskeletal pain and promote well-being, massage can also bring relief and relaxation to the person practicing it! Most massage therapists will say, “I enjoy my work because I enjoy helping others feel good!”


By its very nature, a career in massage therapy offers tremendous flexibility. In financial terms, the advantages include the ability to combine a private practice with part-time work in a spa, a multidisciplinary clinic or a hospital. Finally — a chance to live your passion while earning a decent living!

Other advantages of a career in massage therapy include:

- the flexibility to choose from a range of specializations, based on your interests (private practice, spa, fitness centre, hospital);
- flex hours;
- increased demand for well trained massage therapists.

Job market

The trademark of "massothérapeute agréé"® opens doors on the job market. Because they know its value, more and more employers are hiring only "massothérapeute agréé"®.
And demand for qualified massage therapists is growing, particularly in the health tourism industry and hospitals. The FQM is recognized for holding its members to the highest standards of professional and ethical competency.

For details on how to become a "massothérapeute agréé"®, click on “I wish to study massage therapy.” You’ll find that there are many advantages to studying in an accredited school and having free student member status with the FQM.

Get informed

The competency-based training program was designed to feature a list of student performance targets as opposed to a traditional syllabus or list of courses. FQM-accredited training thus makes it possible to constantly integrate knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills. This integration — which is essential — promotes autonomy and success in massage therapy. Only training in FQM-accredited schools will be recognized in your membership file. Make sure that the school you choose is FQM-accredited by contacting us.

Why join the FQM quality network?

Choosing the Fédération québécoise des massothérapeutes is your guarantee of credibility. With 5,500 members, the FQM is by far the largest and most recognized professional massage therapy association in Quebec. It has earned a well deserved reputation by serving as the leading voice for massage therapists in Quebec.


The FQM continues its efforts to professionalize the occupation of massage therapist. Professionalization requires that massage therapy be recognized on a therapeutic level and that it be given its rightful place in the health sector. Relaxation constitutes a point of departure — a stage in the evolution of the profession — but not an end in itself. The Fédération has identified three major therapeutic approaches: biomechanics, energetics, and psychophysical. While these approaches work in different ways on the body, they all achieve similar results.

Professionalization, therefore, is reflected in training that meets recognized educational standards. The FQM adheres to the principle that the term "massothérapeute agréé"® must correspond to rigorous basic training on par with that of other professions in the health sector. FQM-accredited massage therapy schools are partners in achieving this vision.