Site officiel de la Fédération québécoise des massothérapeutes


Mission of the Foundation

The Fondation québécoise de la massothérapie FQM was founded in 2010 with a mission to contribute to the health and quality of life of people living with cancer, particularly seniors and family caregivers.


Our values:

  • Promote health and prevent illness through massage therapy
  • Demonstrate uncompromising integrity
  • Practice transparency and ensure that it is reflected in actions and duties
  • Foster innovation and effective action
  • Ensure continuity and long-term viability through sustained action
  • Act in partnership to achieve our objectives



  • In 2011-2012, the FQM hopes to offer more than 2,000 massages to persons with cancer, and an additional 400 to family caregivers.
  • From 2012-2013 and from 2013-2014, the FQM hopes to offer more than 3,000 massages to persons with cancer, and an additional 500 to family caregivers.